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Everon Lighting Technologies
Nothing can nourish the soul but light
Everon Lighting Technologies
EVERON Lighting Technologies is an innovative consulting and manufacturing company that develops quality lighting customized for the professional customer (B2B). It was born out of pure passion for light and technology. CEO Ruben Eevers is a chemical process engineer by education, but after his studies he resolutely chose the world of lighting. The company was founded in 2013 and has since grown into a renowned player in the lighting market in the Benelux.
EVERON specializes in producing high-quality light fixtures tailored to a specific project (product optimization) or tailored to a specific trade (private label).
Why choose Everon?
Everon Lighting Technologies - Advice & training
Advice & training
Each light source and control method has specific application possibilities. Lighting professionals can come to us for comprehensive technical advice and support for lighting studies in Dialux. In our own training center, we regularly conduct lighting workshops and product training courses. This keeps you up-to-date on new trends in the lighting market.
Everon Lighting Technologies - Collaboration & customization
Collaboration & customization
For us, product development is a matter of co-engineering. We turn creative ideas into practically feasible realizations. Together we discuss the technical needs, aesthetic wishes and budgetary possibilities of your project. Our technicians and lighting architects work with these and propose an energy and cost-efficient custom product.
Everon Lighting Technologies - Sustainabality & quality
Sustainabality & quality
In our pursuit of the perfect product for a specific application, we very consciously choose durability, quality and safety. For our components, we only work with specialized suppliers at home and abroad who propagate these same values. The assembly and quality control of the components is done in-house in Belgium.