Code of ethics
We attach great importance to ethical business practices. This is reflected in the following pillars, among others: 
Recruitment and Selection
We believe in an inclusive work environment. People's qualities are therefore the only yardstick. Gender, ethnicity, disability, nationality or age are obviously not considered.
In our search for the perfect product for a specific application, we very consciously choose durability, quality and safety. For our components, we only work with specialized suppliers at home and abroad who share these same values. For us, innovation and circularity go hand in hand.
Corporate Social Responsibility 
We firmly believe in the triple-P approach. For us, business is focused on economic performance (profit), with respect for the social side (people), within the ecological preconditions (planet). Thanks to this approach, we were noticed by the municipality where we are located. Heusden-Zolder named us a "sustainable hero" for our contribution to the SDGs, Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.
Last updated : 9 february 2023