Product enhancement
Specific applications require specific lighting technology. A custom-made luminaire, an adjusted light intensity, a specific dimming system or a different color temperature: EVERON analyzes the needs in your project and provides ready-made solutions. We have years of expertise in optimizing light fixtures for our customers' projects, i.e. electrical wholesalers, lighting stores and project contractors.
From industrial luminaires to architectural line lighting; from hyper-efficient office lighting to sustainable streetlights. Our technicians study the specifications and the wishes of the design offices and architects involved. They give advice, help with lighting plans and design energy- and cost-efficient products tailored to your project. In order to realize these, individual components are combined in-house to create total customized solutions.
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Private labelling
If you want to market your own private label as an electrical wholesaler or specialist retailer, EVERON can develop and produce this product range for you and provide it with the desired labelling. You can largely determine the aesthetics (material, colour, shape, dimensions, packaging) and the technical specifications (light colour, light output, consumption) yourself. Our R&D department advises on the technical and thermodynamic possibilities. They then present the product range(s) to you on the basis of technical drawings and mock-ups. After your approval, we will start production. Our graphic department designs the labeling and product sheets with your brand name and color themes. In mutual consultation, we can place buffer stocks of your own brand in stock so that we can supply you very quickly in the event of an unexpected stock decrease.
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Training Everon college
To allow lighting professionals to stay up-to-date on new evolutions in lighting, EVERON organizes lighting workshops and product trainings on a regular basis. Our brand new blackroom is the perfect setting for these. Breakfast and lunch sessions are organized free of charge for our customers and our customers' professional partners (e.g. (interior) architects, engineering firms, installers, electricians, etc.). The exact topic of the training will be determined by mutual agreement.
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